Miami-South Beach

Top Things to See and Do in Miami


People watch on South Beach:

This is the major hotspot in the city. From shopping to partying, this area of Miami Beach is well known for being trendy and full of shops and bars. South Beach is the most popular among all the best beaches in Miami. It’s all about tourist action and the party crowd, especially at the weekends. The beach is well maintained and regularly cleaned every morning so if you prefer quiet, go on weekday morning. There are beach umbrellas and chairs for rent and a few public concessions.

Each hotel with beach access also has a booth on the beach that caters to their guests. Many restaurants, shops, and bars are along the famous Ocean Drive across from the beach. Parking can get expensive so take public transportation or walk/bike from your hotel. The Art Basel was on while we were there so keep an eye out for events happening around the area.

South Beach can be more expensive than other areas, but it’s worth checking out while you are there. Topless bathing is permitted. It is the quintessential Miami beach experience as it has a great vibe to it. Despite South Beach being an upper-class area you will most certainly come across some strange people. One guy was pondering around in a ladies bikini, high top trainers with a tattoo saying “Hola” across his forehead.

Go clubbing:

There is a very active nightlife in Miami and if you like clubs, Miami is one of the best places in the world to go clubbing. There is usually a $20-30 USD cover to get into the clubs and most drinks are around $10-20 USD. Nikki Beach is my favourite place to be during the Day on a Sunday and the club at night is equally entertaining. You can reserve a day bed with a $350 USD minimum spend. Sarah and I decided that we would get ourselves a bed if the beach club was busy. We turned up and the beds we empty and so was the dance area!! We literally gave each other a cheeky look and said to the hostess ‘we’ll take a day bed and a bottle of Belvedere please’ NOW LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED! Luckily the venue started to fill up, we made some new friends and the DJ, Sax and percussionist got everybody in the mood to celebrate being in one of the coolest cities on plant earth.



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