Belize-Liberty Children’s Home

Travel is the sweetest engagement to which my whole life is blessed but it is the greatest privilege to help people in need along the way.

Unfortunately, vulnerable children around the world are left susceptible to capture and torture, however education and support gives these struggling children the means to create their own freedom. Education can shift an impossible current, free people and change the entire nation. Every child deserves a safe, loving permanent home, that’s a basic human need.

We are a well-intentioned international community so attuned to meeting immediate needs with measurable results, but we are blind to what might come in the next century? There are obvious repercussions of millions of children growing up without so much as primary and secondary education and these habits tend to duplicate as we reproduce.

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing an inspirational lady- Ms. Agatha Valentine. Ms. Agatha has been the director of Liberty since March 2013 and shows so much love and passion for the institute. Prior to managing Liberty’s, Ms. Agatha spent many years working for non-government organisations- mainly with disadvantaged women and children in crisis. Her professional background and empathy shines brightly throughout the grounds of Liberty, creating a feeling of happiness and hope.

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