Shanghai- What it did for me!

It’s hard to explain the sense of excitement that you feel when you walk through Shanghai – it’s a sensational city that makes you feel alive. For me, part of the excitement was because I knew exactly how easy it would be to get lost in such a big place- and this gave me a buzz to the point where I was purposely taking paths, which I had no idea where they would lead.

China is a country that is developing very quickly and playing an increasingly important role globally. So for visitors, Shanghai is a great place to get an understanding of modern China’s role in our global future.

The city also offers a great mix of old and new so the diversity allows you to experience both in a short period of time. One minute you can be staring up at a rapidly expanding skyline and the next minute you can be sat in a little back street eating traditional cuisine while witnessing how the locals ‘really live’. The wrong turns that I took while walking around couldn’t have been so right- I saw things that pulled on heartstrings that I didn’t know I had.

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Things to Do in Shanghai

To me, a visit to Shanghai is more about people watching and observing what life is like in authentic China, rather than hitting up a series of typical tourist sites. With that in mind, here are a couple of activities I recommend for soaking up the modern city’s culture and atmosphere. View Full Post