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Travel smart-Make the most out of a small budget

You’re not going crazy, it just means your brain is working and you may need a holiday.

The other day, a friend made a confession in hushed tones with sideways glances. “Yesterday I was driving, and ran a red light at the crossing as the school kids were crossing the road, am I going crazy?”

The answer is no, she is not going crazy. Occasionally everyone has minor problems integrating their memories, perception, identity and consciousness. I would refer to this as normal dissociation as it typically doesn’t disrupt everyday activities.

Weird thoughts are also something that is of worry to people. If you are one of these people then again, don’t panic. Sometimes you need to shake yourself free of a belief in thought and remember that there is a clear difference between thinking a dangerous or strange thing and taking action on that strange or dangerous thing. For example…

Of the thought of drinking all the water out of your toilet bowl jumps into your head. That’s one thing. If you find yourself actually drinking the water from the bowl, you may want to seek a professional’s help as well as some antibiotics.

So next time a crazy thought pops into your head, try this: Thank your brain for doing what it is supposed to do and then place the thought firmly in the recycle bin and remember that you are ok.

In my opinion, everyday life can be overwhelming at times but not everybody can just hop on a plane and lay horizontal for a week in the sun. This is why, after a long discussion with my husband, a heap of research and brainstorms over our personal experiments we have put together some of the cheapest holiday destinations out there.

So, while getting to some of these budget destinations might cost a few bob, once you’re there these countries offer great value.

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